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Solid Carbide End Mills

Expata Tool Company is a Taiwan supplier of Carbide Cutting Tools,mainly Endmills and Drills made of state-of-the-art nano tungsten grades and TiALN coatings. We have best quality tools and delivery services. We would like to do business with you at this opportunity of extending our activities. Contact us!! 以卓越的品質及切削性能,在歐美享有高度評價及深受國內外客戶的支持與肯定。採用德國高品質鎢鋼棒材及進口頂尖之刀具加工設備研磨而成,結合奈米科技加工技術及塗層,加工效能極為優異。今後,我們將繼續堅持我們的品質和創新,努力開發和創造完美的尖端技術,提供多元化的產品,以服務客戶及滿足客戶的需求。

Solid Carbide End Mills

1. commodity: 2 flutes、4 flutes Square end mill, Ball end mill, Corner radius end mill, Roughing end mill, End mills for Aluminium alloy processing. 2.Processed by Swiss 6-axis CNC machine 3. Material of carbide rods are from Germany 4. TiAlN coating - wear resisting 5. The hardness of material is up to HRA92.3 6. Applicable materials: plastics, aluminum alloy, iron, copper alloy, cast iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel, HRC32, HRC42, HRC52, HRC62, HRC70

2 Flutes End Mill-Standard Length

1.Product Information: Flute:2 Dimension of Cutting: 3~20mm Dimension of Shank: 4~20mm Overall Length: 50~100mm Coating:TiALN coated Helix angle: 35° Brand:ECIO 2.Specification:(mm) RADIUS(R) LENGTH(L) SHANK DIAMETER(d) OVERALL LENGTH(L) 3.0 8 4 50 3.5 9 4 50 4.0 10 4 50 4.5 11 6 50 5.0 13 6 50 5.5 14 6 50 6.0 15 6 50 6.5 16 8 60 7.0 17 8 60 8.0 20 8 60 8.5 21 10 75 9.0 22 10 75 9.5 24 10 75 10.0 25 10 75 11.0 28 12 75 12.0 30 12 75 14.0 35 16 100 16.0 40 16 100 20.0 45 20 100 3.Advantages: Made in Taiwan . The best solid carbide end mill of Taiwan. We import Tungsten Carbide Rods from Germany. Manufacturing by 6 axis-CNC grinding machine from Switzerland. For different shapes , sizes and any kinds of cutting demands. Good wear resistance of the cutting tool. It can easily cope with the hardest material cutting. We provide full size range of cutting tools from diameter 1.0mm to 20mm which satisfied different kinds of machining demand. High performance tools can deal with high effective machining with different materials such as Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Titanium alloys,Inconel, Nickel alloys and hard machining >52 HRC. High speed cutting and high performance cutting. 4.Application material: Cast Iron, Non-ferrous materials, Carbon Steels, Hardened Steel, Stainless Steel, Heat resistant steel, Titanium alloy and Inconel alloy. The best choice for high speed and harder material cutting. 5.About us: We are a professional supplier and wholesaler of various types of solid carbide end mills and drills inTaiwan. We are also the sole agent of the ECIO solid carbide end mills the best brand of Taiwan. We provide innovative products of the excellent value, highest quality and satisfactory service to our customers. It is trusted that our price is reasonable in the market and the quality is certainly guaranteed.   Some of the major industries EXPATA provides for are: Automobile Aerospace Electronics Die and Mold Jobbing shops machining small and big parts Expata has varied and complete sizes cutting tools that are applied to different purposes of machining. For more products details, please contact us!!   P:Steel HRC<30 H:Hardened Steel HRC>30~68 M:Stainless Steel K:Cost Iron N:Aluminium and non-ferrous materials S:Heat resistant steel. Titanium alloy. Inconel alloy. 6.Application material:  Cast Iron, Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, Hardened Steels, Prehardened Steels and Tool Steels. The best SPEC choice for high speed and harder material cutting use. 7.Minimum Order Quantity: For Shank diameter 4,6,8 mm, the minimum order should be 50 Pcs For Shank diameter 10,12,16,20 mm, the minimum order should be 20 Pcs. For Micro diameter end mills, Taper flute end mills and long flute end mills, the minimum order should be 50 Pcs. Thank you for your cooperation! Carbide Rods Coatings

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Expata specialize in high speed and high hardness of solid carbide cutting tools, ex.
‧solid carbide end mills
‧solid carbide drills

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